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Business Development in the Cannabis Space

Shoshanna is a connector of people and information. She finds strategic points of entry into the cannabis industry for professionals, companies and 501(c) organizations seeking to leverage their expertise from outside the space and assists companies already in the space to expand their network and develop their brands from a thought leadership perspective. Shoshanna also works with investors who are seeking socially impactful opportunities, universities seeking to introduce cannabis-driven subject matter into their curricula and media companies interested in sourcing stories about innovation in Cannabis and the industry's constantly evolving culture.

Current Projects Overview

Below are Projects Shoshanna is actively involved with organizing, contributing to and producing.

 Contact Shoshanna for more information and thanks for your interest!

Stupid Cancer Show.png

Stupid Cancer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and global leader in young adult cancer advocacy, research, and support. 

Creating shared experiences by producing life-changing live events and digital content that ends isolation, builds community, provides education, and fosters meaningful relationships that last a lifetime, Stupid Cancer's mission is to empower, support, and improve health outcomes for the young adult cancer community. 

Stupid Cancer approached Shoshanna in 2016 in the hopes of playing a role in the Cannabis legalization movement. Its aim is to provide its members with the most up to date information about Cannabis research and opportunities to be part of the Cannabis industry's evolution as we move closer and closer to the drop of Federal Prohibition. 

The Stupid Cancer Show is an ongoing project you can learn more about by clicking here. You can also find out more about panels and events Shoshanna and Stupid Cancer are collaborating on by clicking here


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Cannabis will be one of the most disruptive sources of technological and industrial change in our time. The Emerge Community exists to help fuel that change. From macro-economics to genetics to data farming and more, Emerge's mission is to connect the best in their fields to cross-pollinate sustainable innovation in the Cannabis space.

Global in its operations, Emerge produces events centered around design thinking and team building exercises with white space interactions designed to fuel creativity and promote a culture of conscious collaboration. 

Emerge is a yearly main event with meetups and gatherings scattered throughout the year. If you might like to become an organizer in your area or market vertical, you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities (we are very excited about ROI for investors on this one) or if you might be interested in hosting or attending an Emerge event, reach out to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you...

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INHALE/EXHALE is Shoshanna's podcast to be launched in April of 2018. It will feature conversations about big picture questions emerging in the Cannabis industry - social equity, spiritual inquiry, science, innovation, and the outer-limits of business, art, medicine and commerce will all be explored.

Through frank dialogue and deep humor, these conversations will explore the idea of complexity in the Cannabis space, encompassing thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion of civil rights and civil liberties, human rights and tribal sovereignty, environmentalism and sustainability, from b corporations to triple bottomline economics and the role of cannabis in our medical system, particularly as a fulcrum issue when it comes to conflict of law, federalism, and states' rights. 

Contact Shoshanna if you are interested in signing up to be part of one of these conversations. Make sure to note any organization you are affiliated with and whatever the topic is you are submitting for discussion.